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You did WHAT with iptables? (Part 3: The Actual Solution)

If you didn’t guess by the title, this is Part 3 in a whole series about abusing iptables. It’d be wise to read Part 1, then Part 2, then come back here.

If you are looking for a copy/paste answer, you won’t find it. The actual solution is spattered throughout all three parts to tell [...]

You did WHAT with iptables? (Part 2: The Almost Solution)

If you haven’t read Part 1: The Problem, I’d suggest you go do that first.

After discovering the actual problem, I started pouring over UCM documentation and options. Different combinations of options cause the SIP trunk to behave in different ways, but there doesn’t seem to be anything related to this mystical port 4000. Finally [...]

You did WHAT with iptables? (Part 1: The Problem)

Technically speaking: stateless source address and port translation. Only on relevant packets, which are indistinguishable at the packet level from irrelevant packets. Why? Well, Music On Hold, of course.

The article that follows is dedicated to all of my friends and family who encompass my entire career as: “He fixes computers”. Here is a brief [...]

Every Parent’s Worst Fear

Any man that goes to a real barber knows that a barber is more than just a guy that cuts your hair. He is a listener, a counselor, a therapist, and most importantly… a friend. My friend, who is also a man of faith, and a loving and devoted father, just learned that his only [...]